Origin Research is a research and innovation driven 21st Century Healthcare and Life sciences Company. Origin Research is a Company which offers research and innovative advanced solutions, technologies, medical devices, diagnostics and laboratory services in Healthcare domain. We have started in the year 2013. We are in preventive care. We are Health Screeners to the Nation.

  • Health is Wealth.
  • Healthy Family, Happy Family.
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.

Disease Burden : Majority of the population takes treatment (reactive) healthcare measures. Wouldn’t we all prefer to cure the disease at stage zero (proactive)?
According to the Health Ministry reports, more than 63 million people in India are forced into poverty every year due to “catastrophic” expenditure on healthcare. And this is the financial impact of the reactive healthcare measures.

Treatment (reactive) measures are expensive, whereas preventive measures cost a fraction of the reactive measures. We believe preventive healthcare can be the answer to some of these problems. Most ailments do not occur overnight, and can be detected at an early stage through regular check ups. The idea is to avoid severe health complications that could take a toll on both your biological as well as financial health.

Experience the Origin Research Difference.
We've made getting a lab test fast, convenient, accurate,precise and affordable.

Unparalled transparency : The same low prices for everyone. Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance or no insurance at all, you should be able to afford lab testing. Which is why we charge everyone the same low prices.Prices that are always a fraction of the cost of all other labs. And we publish them right here on our site. Meaning there are no surprises, and you know exactly what you are paying, before you get tested.

The current definition of diagnosis is 'Identification of an illness by examination of the symptoms.' Which is the problem. Because by the time there are already symptoms, it can often be too late to fundamentally do something about it. The best example to this is the diabetes.By the time you experience symptoms and know that you are diabetic,you would be late by 5-10 years for treatment to start.

We define Origin Research as: Detecting the onset of disease in time for therapy to be effective. So we can begin to build a World where no one finds out too late that something is wrong. And no one has to say goodbye too soon. The current health care paradigm is one in which diagnosis often takes place after symptoms are already present, and diseases have begun to progress. We're committed to changing that. Our mission is to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters.

By making actionable information accessible to everyone in the world at the time it matters most, we are working to facilitate the early detection and prevention of disease, and empower people everywhere to live their best possible lives. When cost is no longer a consideration and people no longer have to be symptomatic in order to get a test. Meaning your patients can get the tests they need, and you can get the information you need, early and in time for therapy to be effective.

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Origin Research is a research and innovation driven 21st Century Healthcare and Life sciences Company.

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